Education-School Clubs

We involve pupils in animals welfare awareness creation through their clubs. Also we involve them in environmental protection as part of animals welfare. Pupils in public primary schools practises different activities to familiarise them with animals welfare and to impact them with passion towards animals.


EAAW Caries out different campaign towards animal welfare. We conduct campaigns on Dogs Vaccination, humane transport, treatment and protection of animals among others.

Animal Welfare Magazine

EAAW runs bi-monthly magazine, that covers animals and environmental issues. The magazine is circulated for free and it’s reaching more than 178,000 readers.


Journalists and Community Members Training: We do trainings to journalist how to report on animal’s welfare. This is helping the community to be aware on the animal welfare issues.

Community Trainings: We also train community members in various touches in animal welfare. We foster human among community members. Handling of animals and their rights. Also we train on the importance of supplying proper shelter, adequate food and water to the animals.