Out Team

Ayubu Nnko.

A founder and CEO of Education for African Animals Welfare Organization, based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Ayubu is a communication professional with over 15 years’ experience in designing and implementing communication for development initiatives aimed at catalysing change among communities in Tanzania.

His area of specialization is content development for radio, print – including magazines and newsletters, and online platforms, and delivering these products to the target audiences. He has participated in developing content along plant and livestock value chains and collaborating with diverse experts and institutions to package the content appropriately. This includes how farmers can make the best of available resources to improve the quality of their livestock and increase incomes from livestock and livestock products.

Ayubu is also a media trainer; enabling agriculture and environment journalists to build their skills in reporting agriculture in Tanzania and beyond.

Ayubu holds a Diploma in Journalism from Royal College of Tanzania, Bachelor of Business Administration from St. John’s University of Tanzania and a Masters in Project Management (M&E) from Open University of Tanzania.

Ayubu is committed to ensuring that animals are transformed into a meaningful and ensure their welfare for the majority of the community in Tanzania.

He is leading EAAW organization that focuses on animal issues while focusing focuses their hands-on efforts in Makalama and Iramba district,located in Singida Region because of it’s severity in rabies cases, number of less cared animals like dogs,cats, donkeys and low level of awareness on animal welfare in these areas.

Ayubu Nnko

Founder and CEO of Education for African Animals Welfare Organization(EAAW)



Elinuru Samwel,

Finance and Administration Manager

Elinuru Lives in Dar es Salaam.  She is Finance and Administration experts after some years of administration, procurement and logistics experience with passion for animal welfare, she became involved with Education for African Animals Welfare Organization since its inception in 2017.  She started as a volunteer during the registration process and transitioned to the EAAW staff.  She is supporting all EAAW activities while doing some other jobs to earn her life.

Elinuru Samwel.

Finance and Administration Manager